Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CNN's headline for 08 wrap up - unabashed bias

Palin goofs, Clinton loss, wrong Wright end '08

Palin's "goofs" are the most noticeable thing in 08? Only because CNN is blind deaf and stupid.

To recount some of Biden's goofs:
Biden gaffes adding up against Obama campaign
Obama Chides Biden Over Remark About a World Crisis Testing His ...
Michelle Malkin » Joe Biden’s gaffes: Imagine if Sarah made them
List of Joe Biden Gaffes About Obama -

To recount Obama's goofs:
GOP: Featured Obama Gaffes
The Obama gaffe machine rolls on

Somehow, CNN completely missed that, and still does. Hate that corrupt media outlet. Can't keep a single story honest.

My biggest story for 08:
How CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC completely failed their journalistic duties and duped the American public to vote for the least experienced, most shoddy/ foggy background president yet - only because the color of his skin!

I truly hope for Obama to succeed, and for the USA to prosper - but I'm sick and tired of the ass kissing blind deaf and stupid media.

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