Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Honesty - on fox-news, the kind you will not find on CNN and MSNBC (and any euro-trash-tv either)

Gerg Jarret cuts interview with Palestinian propagandist.

From hotair.

Turn on CNN at any moment and all you can hear is unfiltered lies and propaganda. It takes courage to cut and say - I will not broadcast these lies under my watch.

No, CNN is more engaged in joining boat rides for solidarity with Hamas:
Gatewaypundit:Cynthia McKinney Gaza Relief Boat Attacked & Rammed

The bias doesn't stop at CNN, Google's Youtube is fighting to censor Israel message as well:
IDF's YouTube Channel Under Attack
Not the first time that google has been playing the "message we like game" either:

Michelle Malkin: Inside the world of Google censors

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