Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rockets 20 miles from Tel Aviv, Huffington Post Show True Colors

The way the news is reported... buried deep within articles you find this nugget:

More than two dozen rockets and mortar shells had been fired by midday Wednesday, including five that hit in and around the major southern Israeli city of Beersheba, whose 186,000 residents live 22 miles from Gaza. One hit an empty school. Another landed in a small farming community about 20 miles southeast of Tel Aviv, the country's most populated urban area. No serious casualties were reported.

Source: AP: Rockets make Israel rethink West Bank pullback

My original source was huffingpost - not that they would get any higher traffic by being linked - I just get the feeling they wrote it in celebratory hatred of Israel (not hating Jews, just Israel - yea right...)

Look at the kind of antisemitic propaganda Huffington post puts on the front page:
The Money Behind Israel-Hamas Conflict (VIDEO)
CAIR statements and Al-Jazeera videos are the new democratic grass root movement?! WTF?!


  1. amazingly, HuffPo published a Pro-Israel" article just the other day:

    Written by Allan Gerson, Proportionality and Disproportionality: A Guide to Arguments about Gaza, provides the reasons why Israel is doing the right thing in Gaza!

    Here's the direct link:

  2. Polarik, thanks for commenting, I'll try to find the time to read through that article, seems interesting.

    Regarding the DNC blog Huffington Post:

    There are editors at Huffington post, and the fact that those editors let in a balanecd and sane article in every now and then, doesn't excuse the insane/hateful/unbalanced/full of lies propaganda they send to their "DNC net root" crowd. There's an overwhelming anti-Israel sentiment that that blog nurtures. I think it's worth condemning. They also put the insanely hateful stuff on their front page. So - it's hardly even an attempt to balance their "reportage".

    To strengthen my argument, I'll touch on a different subject: You don't balance a review of historical facts like the Holocaust with "opinions" from Holocaust deniers. Same goes to Gaza situation, once you allow in hateful lies, you can't undo where you place yourself - at the extremely koo-koo antisemitic left.

    So I wouldn't call it Amazing...

    Only an apology is what should be accepted, because the action they took cannot be redeemed by "balancing".