Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bamba under attack

Bamba - for the gazillions residing outside of Israel who don't know what it is - is a popular Israeli snack made from dried peanut butter. For those who are intrested in trying, last I checked you can buy it in Hiller supermarkets in Michigan and probably in many places in New-York.

I wouldn't say it's healthy, but it is yummy and if you've been snacking on it since childhood you're probably hooked.

Every now and then there's some hysteria in Israel surrounding mysterious illnesses taking babies victims. It takes time until the culprit or a common cause is identified.

These days - some ass hole lady, software engineer, working at HP sent a chain mail which ignited a temporary boycott of the product across Israel. The email accused without any evidence that Bamba was the cause of a recent babies death mystery.

She's in deep trouble for the financial damage she caused and sent an apology letter in an attempt to avoid getting sued. Read about it here (auto translated from Hebrew by google), or here (in Hebrew). Interestingly, her name is visible in the English autotranslate, but was removed from the Hebrew version...

But this is not where the story ends. The lefty crazy Israeli media always has an agenda, and to add gasoline to the flames, Haaretz's site Walla posted another article to deter parents from purchasing the product again. It's not healthy. Let's make a whole federal case out of it. Here (in Hebrew). I compare this kind of propaganda against a popular snack to the attack against McDonnald's. I'm sure the brand name here is as strong as McDonnald's was in withstanding this anti-popular culture and cuisine assault. What's next Walla? Want to take a jibe at Hummus? (It causes flatulence you know... and so does Walla)

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