Monday, December 29, 2008

Lebanon - on the brink again?

Massive pro terror demonstration, calls for mutiny in Egypt by the sperm sprinkled goat loving Nasrallah, deceleration of war by Iran which usually means operating their proxy "we will commit suicide for the glory of Iran" Shiite militia Hezbollah - all the while: There's a good chance non Shiite will resist Shiite ambitions, driving Lebanon into a new civil war without a single shot fired at Israel.

Hebrew, Army and Unifil on Alert against Hezbollah
Hebrew, to Hezbollah: Our soldiers fight scum like you (Didn't listen to actual recording - I added the scum part)
Some Arab press:Hezbollah massive demonstrations across Lebanon to continue
jpost:Thousands attend Beirut rally in protest of Israel's operation in Gaza
Yalibnan: Suleiman: Lebanon is not a platform for launching rockets (Have they learned their lesson - despite declarations of "divine victory"?)

The most ridiculous headline of the day comes from CNN: Terror, chaos grip Gaza, UN official says - Really? An entity of terror and chaos is "gripped by terror and chaos"?! It's like starting at a scene where a man was run over by a car and reporting: Car damaged by drunk pedestrian.

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