Sunday, December 28, 2008

Egyptian Soldier dies from Hammas gunfire - surely not a second front? Israeli Arabs continue to riot

Strategically impaired - at the very least. One Egyptian soldier died of gunfire at Gaza/Egypt border after Gazans flee their "bastion of bravery"

Source is a tiny headline in Hebrew from

I realize it's not a front - just generic fire in all direction as the Arabs of Gaza go bezurk.

In other news, Israeli Arab citizens continue to show solidarity with Hamas terrorists. Jews who dare enter the Israeli Arab town of Um-El-Fahem are lynched. Would anyone dare call those Arabs racist Jihadi scum?

Ynetnews reports: Police chief doesn't foresee return to October 2000 riots
Arab-Israelis hold dozens of rallies in protest of IDF offensive in Gaza; 'Arab leaders must convey a message of calm and restraint,' Dudi Cohen says

They must do this, they shouldn't do that - not foreseeing a return to 2000 riots... bla bla bla. Israeli Arabs are doing - and behaving the way they do - not the way rational "non terror supporting" people do or advise them to. There would be a time when those ass holes should pay the price for their behavior. In the meanwhile - I simply don't understand those who try to build bridges to nowhere.

I don't have a link because I heard it on a radio broadcast from Israel (over the internet), but this particular incident which got very-very little media attention was actually a major operation by Hammas involving several terrorists storming an Egyptian border post and murdering the guard there. It is equivalent to the type of attacks Hezbollah used to conduct on Israeli posts in southern Lebanon.

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