Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain's energy reversal

Let's face it, most right wingers are less than enthusiastic about their candidate. Some would probably simply not go and vote - leaving the electoral arena to be decided between extreme and crazy left wingers and those who don't really care about politics, left, right or wrong. Those last minute - "oh - who should I vote for" folks need something to rally around.

I can only assume that looking at the poll numbers just days after Hillary forfeited, McCain's campaign got alarmed and someone very close to him pressured him to find something and quick.

Enter the energy crisis. If there ever was a reason not to vote for McCain - it was his stance against drilling, his continuous left winger opinions against any relief to the little guy's pain at the pump. I mentioned before how his interview at Bill O'Reilly struck a painful chord when this exact issue was discussed.

In the last couple of days - a stunning and well needed reversal has taken place:
McCain calls for building 45 new nuclear reactors
McCain: Drill Here, Drill Now

In my opinion, there is only one right way to flip-flop: Admit it and explain why you were against something and why you changed your mind. Don't make any excuses, don't try to evade the issue with empty words - tell it like it is: You were wrong, you were convinced otherwise!

For that matter, McCain, congress, president Bush, were all wrong to do absolutely nothing as the crisis grew into its current proportion. At this stage it is the right time to do EVERYTHING. It is the right time to question the ungratefulness of the US's middle east "allies". It is time to ask why did the US invest in Iraq's infrastructure? Why every international entity loves taking money from the US but is somehow hesitant to show any glimpse of support.

McCain would like to picture himself as a "conservative" and an "environmentalist" who cares about the economy and is pragmatic enough to finally allow the US to produce it's own energy instead of enriching our enemies. I say - good, and there are a few more steps that could be done and I'm sure those would be well received.

All the while the Obama camp keeps making awful mistakes which are largely ignored by the MSM. I'm sure that whole "you can't have alex" video is going to backfire. Leftists usually call the rightists "fear-mongers"... Cognitive dissonance not predicted here, as a true believer syndrome engulfs the liberal mind. Obama's cheerleaders at that horrible magazine "Rolling Stoners" bring out their worst when they try to ridicule a war hero's ordeal as he was tortured while in captivity. Truly disgraceful.

Ha ha - funny - NOT!

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