Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Learning new words every day

From the disgusting nauseating saga of Detroit's shameful mayor (who has yet to resign).

Debbie Schlussel keeps track of it, I prefer not to turn on local news.

New words I never knew existed, and I'm kind of sorry to have learned now:

renigging, niggette - Gangsta mayor, what fun.

Reading their messages on Detroit free press (link from Schlussel) is like reading a bad soap opera. (As in - is there really a good one?) She's obsessed and needy, he's leading her on... both are insanely passionate... then the nasty comes out on page 14:
"Everything is cool. Did you get busted? You were kind of wet last night, inside and out. LOL"

page 15: Beatty to Mayor
"I really wanted to give you some good head this morning and I didn't know how to ask you to let me do it. I have wanted to since Friday night when you asked me at the club." It continues on page 16...

Just a reminder, the scandal and attempt to remove the scumbag is not because of an affair - caught over city's pagers, it's about corruption - proven by messages on those pagers.

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