Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Jerusalem Day... please celebrate elsewhere

Today Israel marks Jerusalem unification day. You wouldn't know it if it weren't on the calendar because no Israeli website would let you know it. It seems Israelis today are shy about restoring Jewish presence in the Holy city after the only true ethnic cleansing to occur in 1948 - the eradication of Jewish quarter in Jerusalem and turning Jewish grave stones into urinaries for Jordanian troops.

Don't expect too many "congratulations" cards from friendly governments as well, as today is the day to condemn Israel construction on own sovereign land. Thanks Condi, UN and the rest of the bunch for taking Arab propaganda at face value and de-facto re-visioning history. Unlucky for you are historic facts and undeniable archeologic evidence. Not to mention enough people still alive today to have witnessed the Jewish presence prior to butchery, murder, and forced deportation of Jews out of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is Jewish!

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