Thursday, June 12, 2008

Violent hypocrisy at its “best”

Car theft in Israel is an epidemic which is mainly perpetrated by Arabs from Judea; they are often referred to as “Palestinians”. The police are helpless and Israeli society has accepted this situation quietly. The insurance companies will pay and “there’s nothing to do about it”. If someone actually tries to resist, by chasing the thieves into the Palestinian Authority and trying to get his property back he risks his life, and his family sometimes has to pay ransom just to get him back. Other incidents include carjacking, rape and murder of female car owners. In one incident, an owner of a car got a call on a Friday night asking her to come and pay to get her car back, it was stolen minutes ago from her house. When she came, she was raped and murdered.

Car thieves in Israel and their supporting society, including families, garage and a sovereign fiction called the Palestinian Authority are held to very little account. Car thieves spend a year or two in prison, the PA is using stolen cars as police vehicles and their high rankers take the luxury stolen vehicles for personal transportation.

Last night, two Israeli teens broke into a car at an Arab village at the PA. They were lynched by the Arab mob. The article in Hebrew quotes the mob members saying proudly how they beat the living day light of those kids and cites all sorts of vengeful comments as to why. Here’s a sample:

“For the first time since 67 I feel like a man. I finally managed to extract all of my rage and frustration about what they do to our land, property and our people”.

That’s right – the teens were targeted because they were Jewish, not because they were (unsuccessful) car thieves.

The same guy who started the riot eventually gave the kids back to Israeli authorities and again took pride in what he told the IDF officers who accepted the kids:

“I told him, here take your two dogs and take care of them. You are the occupier and you are obliged to guard my safety and my property.”

“The officers thanked me for giving them up alive”.

Yea, thanks dude, at least you stopped short of murder… this time.

The Israeli media are using this story to bash Israeli settlers politically – another shameless activism on the side of the leftist media. Didn’t check how international media has reported about it yet…

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