Thursday, June 26, 2008

I guess we all know what kind of a deal Israel's government got for the population around Gaza

Gaza rockets strikes Israel, in violation of week-old truce

It's a "truce", as in - Israel will not shoot back at people standing in broad daylight bombarding Israeli civilians. I still fail to see why in the world would such a truce be in any way shape or form in favor of anyone residing within Israeli borders.

It's as if one kid is continuously kicking the bigger kid in the nuts, and after each kick says - truce. The bigger kid here is apparently mentally retarded because he just stands there with purple growing doing nothing.

Gaza's Hamas rulers say they won't police the truce by confronting other militant groups that break it.

Continuing the lefty legacy of the Oslo accord, there are no consequences for breached agreements. Not that there should be any agreements with murderous terrorists to begin with.

I'm still waiting for Israel's 60 birthday present to unravel...


  1. There should be no agreements with terrorists. That is the problem, some continue to think they will actually keep their end of the bargain. Big mistake.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Indeed Debbie. Alas, the bucket head in charge of Israel clings to his chair and won't budge. I try to blog as little as possible about both the Israeli government and the Gaza situation - because it has all been said - and nothing changes. Reading again the same news, again and again, makes me want to hurl.

    Trying to not blog about it... and actually doing so, is the result of masochism I suppose.