Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The best gift Israelis could wish for on country's 60 birthday - Olmery could quit.

The country is bustling with rumors and disinformation - it would appear that Olmert might have been caught with bribes given during his mayorship of Jerusalem.

I can think of no better gift to Israel than the disappearance of this awful group of ministers combined to rule the cabinet. Some highlights:

1. Amir Peretz - Mustache-dude is no longer a minister, still a nuisance. A man with experience in nothing - especially not military. Took it upon himself to take the ministry of defense after leading his political party to an embarrassing defeat. His annoying mustache keeps threatening with a comeback.

2. Ehud Barack. A failed politician and strategist - already voted out by droves for his failed policies of retreat in Lebanon and non retaliation in 2000 when the second intifada war to eliminate the Jews began. To his credit - a brave soldier to whom Israel owes a debt of gratitude (but not the role of prime-minister). Has been caught on camera while campaigning saying that if he was a young Arab he would join the terror groups.

3. Zippy Livni. An air-headed minister of foreign affairs with ambitions to higher positions. Has been caught on camera stating that attacks on Israeli soldiers are not "terror acts". Other nonsense keeps flowing whenever she speaks about her understanding of what is moral, right and just. She is undiplomatic as she is unsophisticated - she went back and forth with her support for Olmert.

4. Yuli Tamir. There are so many bad things to write about her... still active far lefty peace now (destroy Israel-now) leader - was brought to power by non other than Ehud Barack. It is pure neglect to let her be the minister of education.

5. Ophir Pines. A good for nothing, far lefty, Arafat hugger. Not sure if he represents Israel's interests - or Arabs'.

6. Galeb Majadla. First Arab minister in Israel. Expressed in parliament his own private opinion - in the name of cabinet, that Israel has no jurisdiction over temple mount in the heart of Jerusalem.

Different members had to leave office due to corruption or misconduct including a Minister of Finance, a Minister of Judicial system and more.

Also. Kadima Party - the ruling party, an opportunistic bunch who sold their ideals in the right wing for a chance of a seat in parliament. Virtually emptied the Likud party from within - leaving it in financial ruins - only to build a new empire of corruption.

Like I said, there could no better gift - than all of these people going into retirement.

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  1. Too little, too late... They derelicted any possible issue and complitely ruined the parts in Israeli policy which could be saved before. I'm less optimistic.