Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Outrage! Fox-News embedding reporters with Terrorists while shooting rockets at Israel

Is this how Fox-News repays Hamas for kidnapping it’s reporters? This video report is anything but fair and balance. There have been numerous reports about why food and fuel is scarce in Gaza; still the reporter lays blame to Israel (Hint - that's not the reason). He stands there and observes a rocket being fired. He stands feet away from rockets while they are being prepared. I’m dismayed with Mike Tobin, I’d expect such depravity from Nina Renan – whom made a similar video report showing how Gazans suffer with no fuel (while cars are still driving in the back of the video). Tobin used to be fair – what happened?!

Broken Link! Fox news removed the video from the archive...

(click to watch)

Fox news –the latest MSM outlet to play the world’s littlest violin for Hamas – Outrageous!

What’s next, embedding with cocaine smugglers and observing silently while they sell to youths in America?

(H/T to Hebrew discussion board member "Khipusheet")

"Carl in Jeruaslem" from "Israel Matzav" used red-lasso to link to the same yet edited report - which was on later that day....
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