Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Quick note about that Obama-AIPAC speech

Wasn't that a lovely I support Israel and stand up to all it's enemies speech? Wasn't it?

Well, my small, tiny issue which I'm not going to spend many words on is: How much trust can you put in the words of a politician in a campaign when they stand in such contrast to his prior activities? Turning 180 degrees now, may suspiciously become 360 the day after entering office. Also, the crowd surrounding him is still, well, suspicious - shall we say?

The really, really, really, really... and one more time... really good thing about this is that his campaign advisers rejected extreme far left advice to "reject the Jewish lobby". So I guess there is some hope.

Update: The quickest 360, a real show of character

Obama's undivided Jerusalem backtrack
June 5 2008
That prediction didn't take much time to be proven right. When he strays an iota away from empty speech, he immediately reverses. What an empty shell and obvious lack of any principles.

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