Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My cat is set to resign. My cat's campaign says report is 100% incorrect.

I found a hard time giving a title to this, and that's what I came up with. Content warning, I go from seriousness to extreme silliness here.

It is blatantly apparent that Obama's cheer leaders in the media find no shame in reporting false rumors as news as they try to accelerate Clinton's departure.

Weazel Zeapers quoted AP, but I saw it on every media outlet this morning, eventually some corrected. Still, the caption CNN gave to this is somewhat interesting, because by claiming "not ready to concede" they imply - she will. By implying that they advocate. By advocating - they once again fail their journalistic integrity test.

Thus hence forth my cat, my turtle and my twitty bird would like to set the record straight:

Mrs. Whiskers, our beloved household cat is "absolutely not" prepared to concede the race for the house's first pet.

Now - although Mrs. Whiskers has mathematically lost, it is still trying to convince the super delegates (the neighbors dogs) that as a cat, it is more electable than our sleepy dog with its shoddy background of sniffing other dogs behind and picking up poop with its mouth.

I would like to comment, that as the main character in meet the parents said, my cat cannot actually flush the toilet, because it does not have opposing thumbs. In addition, AP reports that later today my cat might concede that I actually don't own any pets.

If that somehow relates to real life people, I do apologize.

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