Friday, June 06, 2008

Goodbye retirement funds

I'm not going to comment on the stock market on this forum, just inappropriate. But I will link to a couple of things:

Investors be aware:
Melon sells for more than $6,000

Anybody else thinking that they want to start a densuke watermelon farm:)

While I look at the titles of CAPS blogs over to the right I see: oil, housing, recession, pharm pics, and a self portrait of Deej. Then over here in the news of the world, I see people buying watermelons for $6,000! I think I was born in the wrong era.

.....ev"erything else is BS"

another post of the video will be coming......

from "madcowmoney"

Awesomeness does happen.

Another is an analysis I 100% agree with, and my wife does acknowledge that I told her the same opinion a month ago, when it wasn't published anywhere:
Raise Taxes on Gasoline. A link was posted earlier today on an LGF comment, thanks shawarma-wife for insisting I read it, initially I skipped it...

I know republicans don't like taxes being raised, but the only way to ween from the petrol-addiction the world suffers from is to make it too expensive to purchase.

To conclude, again:
Dancing, everything else is BS

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