Monday, June 09, 2008

So why is Israel delaying payment to PA?

The news agencies would like us all to know that the poor derelict Arabs of the Palestinian Authority did not get their terrorist comp salaries:
Asked whether he thought the delay was deliberate, Fayyad said: "Much has been said on this topic. Anonymous Israeli officials have linked it to the letter I sent to the European Union about the Israeli request for closer ties."

A few things on the matter:
1. How is this little trolls' business what relationship does Israel have with Europe? On any case, I doubt Israel knows or cares what this insignificant nobody did or does. He has no power, except to sign the checks for his fellow free loaders.

2. It is amazing that every little bureaucratic nothing is reported as major news, if a little thorn in the behind of a Palestinian aches - there would always be a journalist and an editor to blow it up into a propaganda attack against Israel.

3. For some reason, the US backed terror group formally in control of the PA - is still delivering salaries to Hamas members at Gaza. Those who fire rockets at Israelis are paid with those funds. Which leads me to number 4:

4. Fatah and Hamas have announced "talk to reconcile", which is a euphemism to - quietly give control to Hamas over the PA. Surrender if you will, to Iran's proxy. Under such circumstances it is possible that Olmert's "do nothing" government might actually do something, although not talk publicly about it. Scaredy-cats.

5. Another recent development is the daily bombardment of "Kibbutz-Nirim". Some members of this Kibbutz are far lefty loons who advocate murder of Israeli soldiers as a means to liberate Palestine. Yet their friends at Gaza return them odd favors by murdering them at the factories and the fields. The majority of the votes from the Kibbutz went to far left parties like labor, Meretz and Kadima. The Israeli labor party is closely related to the Kibbutz and thus when their political base is bombarded there is a higher chance of action. Is this it? Is this the reaction to the bombardment, maybe on a minor scale.

I'm still waiting for Israel's 60th birthday present to unwrap and for this awful government to go away.

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