Friday, June 06, 2008

Prosecutors, start getting serious on Jury selection! Another Muslim terrorist, murderer of Jews goes free.

Seattle Hearts Jews Murderer

We've been through the same mess as seen today in Seattle back when a jury in Texas couldn't convict Al Arian - the head butcher of Islamic Jihad. One out of 12 is all it takes, and there seems to be that one on every such case.

The bright point to keep in mind is that we are looking at a mistrial and not an acquittal. The juries did not agree, it only takes 1, again. We actually don't know how many it took this time. Those poor victims will have to go there again - the Juries knew that - they just couldn't care less I guess.

I was looking on the web for trial results of a similar case which happened in LAX at an El Al stand, the only thing I could find was a note of a trial still at process - where the murderer claims he did so out of insanity. The link is here, search for the name "Hesham Mohamed Ali Hadayet". Surprise, just like shorty Jihaidist from Seattle - for reasons of insanity. That note was from 2007. Talk about injustice, he murdered on 2002, and for all we know is still on trial.

I agree with Debbie Schlussel, I would like to know the names of those juries and would be happy if a journalist would trace them and ask them the proper question: How can you live with yourself?

I bet Hitler couldn't get convicted by the likes of those juries.

More questions I'd like to get answers for: Who is defending this scumbag? Who is paying for that? What do the local Muslim community bubble heads say? (I'd actually forgo that last one)

Strong supporters of Bush and McCain like to remind us that "there hasn't been a terror attack on the US since 2001". Well, I'll link again in the same article to the list from 2007 of sudden Jihad. The picture is clear, and I don't feel very protected considering the amount of such attacks and the results of the judicial processes that follow.

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