Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Olmert and Detroit's Kilpatrick - will it end the same?

The two crooks and liars will hopefully soon enough reach the trash bin of history for their escapades.

Today, Kilpatrick's lawyer quit saying "I can't represent that lying scum bug anymore, I should probably already be disbarred, but I don't want to sit in Jail with him". Well, he used a more diplomatic speech to say that:
"I felt that my effectiveness had been compromised," McCargo said of the revelation. "I felt that going forward I would always be looking over my shoulder as to whether or not I was putting myself into a conflicted position with my client."

As for the still sitting crook of a mayor of Detroit:

Kilpatrick and Beatty later testified under oath during the whistle-blower trial that they did not have an affair.


The Free Press later revealed that Kilpatrick and Beatty lied on the stand.

As some may recall, those text messages were both revolting and revealing. So.... perjury? Can we expect some jail time soon? Isn't this case slightly more obvious than Martha Stuart's obstruction of justice? Or Scooter Libbey?

For some reason, in Israel, the media has almost forgotten that the prime minister, Olmert is still under investigation for receiving envelopes full of cash as well as other perks from individuals. To what purpose? No one knows. It actually doesn't matter. I truly hope Mr. Zero goes away soon. I don't know why the witness came forward a month ago, but from what I can understand he gave a testimony to the court and something should happen. It is unbelievable how nothing had happened. Next week the knesset will vote on the Likud's proposal to remove current government and go to a new elections. Perhaps when Mr.Zero is no longer an acting prime minister the police and the department of justice in Israel would stop procrastinating and move forward and advance a case against Mr. Sleaze.

Two sleazy high ranking politicians on far away edges of this planet, for both I'd be happy if they were not in any position of power anymore.

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