Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Britain's odd ally - Iran

The British news papers today want us all to know that Iran is an important ally of Britain in its fight against drug trafficking and the west shouldn't punish Iran for perusing its program to seek nukes eradicate the Jews:
West 'not doing enough to stop drug trafficking'
Iran warns of 'drug tsunami' if UN cash for patrols is cut

My guess is we are seeing here the fruits of a disinformation campaign Iran launched in response to new sanctions established against an Iranian bank. Iran pretty much threatens the world that in response to shipment of weapons and huge bribes it has received from the west for over 15 years in order to combat drug trafficking, they would drop their masks and boast their success in allowing and enabling drug trafficking.

Antonio Maria Costa, the director of the UN's drugs and crime office, said: "We should definitely assist Iran in this respect." He said a "heroin tsunami" could hit Europe if drug action by Iran was weakened.

Anyone surprised to find a UN employee carrying out Iran's propaganda and threats to western media?

But a spokeswoman for the Foreign Office in London insisted last night that enhanced co-operation with Iran's anti-drugs effort was not conditional on Tehran accepting the West's deal. "We are keen to increase co-operation on counter-narcotics," she said.

Just to understand what this program does, it funnels UN money and British arms to Iran - an enemy of the west by all standards. The oversight of what is done with that is so limited that British night vision goggles and other high tech equipment were found in south Lebanon during the 2006 war.
Britain has given funds through the UN to help Iran fight the anti-drugs war. London has also made exceptions to its arms embargo against Iran to donate flak jackets and night-vision gear for Iranian border forces.

The right hand knows not what its left is doing.

This program is so ridiculous that it actually ignores Iran and their tentacles activity in drug production and trafficking as is well visible from the fields of Lebanese opium as well as Syrian. The drug smugglers and dealers in Israel are pretty much on Iran's payroll and usually their role as spies overshadows their commitment to disperse their poisonous merchandise.
The US does not give cash to the UN to support Iran's anti-drug efforts. Unilateral American sanctions are in force

Thank heavens there's one nation in the world that sticks to its commitment to combat Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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