Monday, June 23, 2008

Speaking the language of morons to describe Muslim against Jews crimes in france

I read about this last week in Ynet, saw it again in its English version today on Jihad Watch, here's the link to Reuters reporting on Haaretz website:

Jewish teen brutally beaten in apparent anti-Semitic attack in Paris

The anonymous person who wrote and edited this piece refuses to tell us the religion of those "north Africans".

Here's the part that takes the cake:
Two police sources said the attack took place right after a skirmish between two groups of youths, one Jewish and the other of North African origin. They said it was unclear whether Haddad had taken part in the confrontation.

They said such skirmishes were a regular feature in the multi-confessional Buttes Chaumont neighbourhood in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

Err.. Aren't most of the Jews in France of north African descent as well? Why identify the one group as Jewish and the other by geographic relationship?

It's a regular feature. It's the Jew's fault. It's not a cultural and religious fault of the assailants but a gang war and the Jews are somehow also as thuggish. Is that what Reuters wants to tell us? Those two paragraphs which express the Police's view of things (inspector Clouseau anyone?) show how immediately there's an attempt to disregard what is obvious. A teenager was almost murdered in the streets of Paris because he wore a Yarmulke. I know Reuters have to fill in a full page article about it - but adding those two paragraphs is infuriating.

Here's how the article ends:
A 23-year-old French Jew, Ilan Halimi, was found naked, tortured and covered in burns near Paris on February 13, 2006, after being held captive for three weeks. He died on the way to the hospital.

The crime shocked France and raised fears of surging anti-Semitism among French Muslims.

In February of this year, another Jewish teenager was tortured in the same town in which Halimi was killed, in yet another anti-Semitic attack.

Notice how the second case bares no name. In the second case no one is shocked anymore. So now it is the norm in France to fear for your life if you wear a yarmulke. What dark period in history does this remind you of?

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