Monday, June 02, 2008

10 good reasons to vote for Obama… well, not really

1. You believe in hope, change and unicorns.
2. Gazillion gaffes don’t amount to one big goof ball.
3. The dots to Wright (hate whites), Aires(weatherman terrorist, hate and bomb America), Rashid Khalidi (Palestinian terrorist), are un-connect-able. It’s just all friendly good feelings kind of a relationship.
4. His grandmother – who raised him - apparently is racist (his words – she’s family like Wright so he can’t disown her), so we owe him.
5. Because Hollywood bubble heads say so.
6. Because he quit his church, but not because it’s a church of hate and racism.
7. Because someone really has to talk to Iran. They’re begging for more talks.
8. Because OJ is innocent. (think about it – 90% of black vote – regardless of what the man says or does)
9. Because winning a war is not our strategy. Voting for Obama is our way of saying screw you Iraqis – you should be ruled by Al-Qaeda, and we know it won’t come to bite us back in the you know where.
10. Because our eyes were enlightened by the likes of Daily Kos, Huffington post and others to the prospect of overcoming the Jewish lobby. We don’t need the Jewish vote anymore.

Actually, I can't imagine a better body of evidence against voting for Obama than to open little-green-footballs, and clicking on the Barak-Obama tag. Every post regarding him is a new revelation of un-elect-ability. If only the MSM would start noticing. (yea, dream on)

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