Friday, June 13, 2008

Ah... the weather. It sucks, doesn't it?

It's not like there isn't any other news to cover, it's not like there weren't any terror actions reported today, see "" for a daily tally. I just feel like talking about the weather. I'm not talking about: "how's the weather", "oh fine, nice to see you, how-do-you-do?" kinda thing... no, I'm talking about the spring havoc - the floods and tornadoes.

I was born in Israel, and the most I knew about tornadoes was from the movie "The wizard of Oz". Little did I know how often they occur in the US. After moving to Colorado I got my first glimpse of that awesome power of nature. Thunder storm clouds over our house - which was sitting at a top of a hill overlooking a valley right in front of the rockies - gave us a daily show during spring/summer time. I watched funnel clouds forming to the east of Highlands Ranch and my wife took photos of a tornado cloud which passed our home at Castle Rock. As long as your house doesn't move, it's an exciting and breathtaking experience. Michigan is flat - and very gray... when the storms come - barely see anything. We do have some interesting photos though (should I post some? maybe later)

This year's weather has been quite a story. Just recently a tornado hit a boyscout camp in Iowa and 4 kids have died. Such a heart breaking story. The extreme weather continues and floods sweep the mid-west.

The American red-cross says: "Residents in Central United States Urged to Register with Safe and Well".

So the weather sucks. And this feels like a tiny rerun of Katrina for the Mid-West. Somehow I felt it is more of an important issue right now than that whole political shmegegi.

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