Monday, June 16, 2008

EU is scum - no other word for it

EU denies agreement on Iran sanctions

Some thought that sense has finally struck the Europeans this morning. Hotair reported the EU is finally deciding on some action... Rest assure, they really - really want to trade with the perpetrators of the next holocaust.

The swiss for that matter are known for their so called "neutrality". They traded and aided the Nazis - so what can you expect when they push forward with a deal with Iran. What's another 6 million Jews eradicated for that calm and peaceful nation - obviously no concern. Europeans are still for some reason quite comfortable criticizing Israel with made up accusations.

Europeans seem to have conveniently forgotten their role in the Holocaust - How else can you explain Austria's - of all nations - ongoing trade and more gas deals with Iran. Just economics? Not so sure.

It is often said in the news that what prevents further sanctions against Iran is Russia's and China's refusal to break ties. It is clearly visible that Europeans are as much to blame for allowing Iran to gain Nukes and continue its support of terrorists around the world. While the Europeans are glued to the TV sets watching their Euro-08 soccer tournament - it might the best of times to raise this issue again.

Europeans - Your governments continue to trade with the world's top terror supporting regime. There have been numerous assassinations by Iranian agents on your soil against Iranian exiles. You share common guilt regarding the holocaust and are obliged by human decency to raise an outcry and demand your traitorous EU to take actions now. Your "cheap" gas comes at the high cost of continuous human suffering and human rights abuses within Iran.

My dumb question of the day: How come Europeans could mobilize so easily to protest high oil prices, to protest "evil bush", to protest war on Al-Qaeda, even to protest to rename "Israel Square" in Copenhagen to "Palestine Square", but they can't muster a few guys to stand with signs in front of Brussels' ivy tower and protest this ongoing travesty?

It is hard for Israel to demand Europe stop trading with Iran when for some reason Israel keeps doing so through Turkey. Pistachios? At least the shenanigans of the 80-s are over... I hope.

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