Thursday, May 29, 2008

Imaginary Future Book Titles from the left

I just found a website that lets you read classic books online. Worth a try:

It has inspired me to do the following; here are some imaginary future book titles from prominent lefties:

  • The audacity of substance-less speech, B. Hussain Obama
  • From peanuts to hugging Hamas, a journey. J. Carter.
  • Hope and Change. The complete idiot’s guide to saying nothing. B.H Obama
  • How to make money off of a global warming hoax for dummies. A. Gore
  • Not sex and the city. H.R Clinton
  • Lost. No really, I’m lost, where am I?! J. Carter
  • Women are from Mars. I like Martians. W.J Clinton
  • The devil wears pantsuit. B.H Obama
  • I love your taxes. H. Reid and N. Pelosi
  • Hair. J. Edwards
  • I still can’t believe I lost to that guy. J. Carry
  • No really, he won?! J. Carry
  • The Jews did it. J. Carter.
  • I can still win. H.R Clinton

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