Monday, May 05, 2008

Israeli Arab traitors who requested Hezbollah to bomb the Jews whine

Oh no – they held a murderous traitor’s wife in questioning while entering the country – how dare those Jews…

If Israel would start getting serious about defending Israelis, they would place all of “Balad” party members and their families into jail. When the party founder and leader is caught red handed asking a terror group to murder the Jews here, or murder the Jews there – as Azmi Beshara did – any remaining followers should not be allowed to walk freely. It’s not as if anyone was caught by surprise – even Arab friends had told me way back in 2000 that Azmi Beshara is the most extreme of extremists. He makes a cuddly communist who hugs murderers seem likeable.

The more they talk (his party members), the more they whine (his whore of a wife) – the more they remind people in Israel how hated they are.

Also worth remembering is that he is a Christian – who whored himself and his family to be the tool of Hezbollah and Iran – the Muslim Shiites. He acts, talks and licks his lips with lust for blood like a Shiite Muslim – and most of his voters and obvious admirers are Muslim. A Christian Arab – doing Jihad.

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