Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well, how big a greenhouse pig am I?

Australia's ABC helps kids calculate how soon they should die to save the planet. lefty, greeny, liberalism exposes its ugly face. From Moonbattery:

Basically, ABC wants you dead at age 9.3!

I say, save the earth - de-fund the UN. With mounting evidence of global warming fraud funded by UN, green projects funding nothing but fat-cats working for the UN, and food distribution projects being abused to rape children... I see no better way to save our planet than to reject the UN, and the greeny global warming bubble heads.

Tell you the truth, little piggies are cute. I like them much better than pig green liberal ones.


  1. Jimmy6:12 PM

    did you see that McCain's team is now retaliating against Debbie Schlussel for dragging McCain's daughter into the Rachael Ray keffiya flap. I found it on M. Thomas Eisenstadt's blog at
    I thought you'd be as equally outraged/amused as me.

  2. Yes I have. And while I don't always agree with, I recognize and respect other people's opinions. Debbie's are often a tad more extreme. Be that as it may, you should notice that she has praised McCain in the recent past, and that her opinions relate to current events such as bad judgment of wardrobe, and are not necessarily as venomous as those who hate for political reasons. That's why I would suggest you take her notes on the subject as her way of giving constructive criticism.

    If you noticed, she writes out of passion - and out of her own point of view of how women should dress as well as behave, and if you don't like her style, if you are offended by her calling the ladies of Sex and the City sluts, just don't read. That's what she feels about it. It's not like she's running for office.

    Jimmy, or M. Thomas, or whoever reads this and is related to the McCain campaign, You know that people of the right have issues with your candidate. I'd think that dragging anyone into the debate simply gives you free publicity - even if not completely positive. Which is always much better then how MSM would snub and spin.

    It's actually somewhat amusing that CNN - not known for loving conservatives much - booked Schlussel just when a miniature brouhaha is somehow connected to McCain's daughter.