Friday, May 09, 2008

"I think ... it's a coup, The Lebanese army is in total paralysis"

Finally CNN reports the news?

I agree with Jumbalat's statement - I would go further than say that the Army stays idly while non-Sheas are slaughtered, It is clear from all articles on the web - the Army steps in before Hezbollah and along side - to clear areas and allow almost no fire to be shot back at Hezbollah. It is in all measures a coup - and a betray of Sunni, Christians and Druze by the army generals:
Hariri and Jumblatt were besieged Friday in their residences in Muslim western Beirut, The Associated Press reported, while Prime Minister Fuad Saniora was believed to be under protection at his downtown office.

Besieged by who? You'd assume Hezbollah - you would be wrong, besieged by Lebanon's army, which merged with Hezbollah under the terrorists control.

Here's a quote from ya-libnan:
'All media channels have shut down and were place under the control of the army after we received threats from armed elements of Hezbollah,' said a company official.

Simply comparing contradicting paragraphs in ya-libnan's reporting - with some false reporting from CNN, tells me the picture is much uglier than reported. It is a coup. It is a collaboration between the Shea generals of Lebanon's army and the terror leaders who promised to chop non-Shea hands.

Will the UN, the US, the EU stand aside while a former "semi" western Arab country goes down the toilet and becomes another bastion of Terrorists like Gaza? France, Germany, Italians and others hold troops in southern Lebanon - are they still going to sit on their hands?

I remember in 2006 - when Israel fraught Hezbollah, the news wires were spreading ridiculous posts like "Beautiful Beirut is demolished by Israeli bombs" (or something like that) - where is the outcry regarding what Hezbollah is doing to Beirut today? How could western media whore themselves in favor of Hezbollah (even if only by comparison to their coverage from 2 years ago)? Unsubstantiated claims of ethnic cleansing are off handed regarding Israeli/Arab relationship (against Israel of course)- If Beirut is emptied of non-Shea - how do you label that? Strife? Sectarian? Forcefully removing opposite population has a very clear and simple synonym.

Live coverage at Ya-Libnan.
Part of the Iranian plan is to take over the press.
And then again, blame the Jews.

It does seem like Lebanon surrendered with very little battle, after the Army stood aside and let it happen. Will vangance for historic disputes commence next week? Can the Shiite restrain themselves? Not if you listen again to Nasrallah's speech from yesterday. Today they are actively hunting for Jumblatt and Hariri.


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    This is absolutely ridiculous and one sided. It is not the non shiite that are been killed it is the ignorant people who are backed by US president Bush. Bush has been striving for this to happen ever since Israel lost the 2006 war again Hizbullah and they were unable to disarm them.He wanted another Iraq and now he has it. Both sides are at fault whether they are progovernment or opposition. They are stubborn and they allow outsiders to manipulate them. The solutions are pretty simple but neither side is thinking of what is best for lebanon and the one who is to blame the most are the pro government groups.

  2. Ehmm... are you seriously accusing me of not taking Hezbollah's side? You just cracked me up. Ignorance kills - wow. I guess it does, but not the way you described it. I did not erase your comment and won't - I think it is worth reading again and again as a hall mark to how insane it is.

  3. Shawarmamayor, you don't have to take Hizbollah on your side .. but definitely you take side on Israel .. which they destroyed Lebanon by fact....Israel should not be there in the first place.

    Both sides should talk.

  4. Golden - perhaps you should look around the site you are commenting on. Of course I take side with Israel. I'm also encouraging all Arabs to take side with peace and abandon the zealousness of hate. I am however not too optimistic about that nor about you.

    Israel is not a side of this coup - so haters like you should pay attention to that fact and focus on what is going on in the Arab world regardless of Israel.

    Lebanon could rebuild and revive itself - and does not need a terror group to hold the nation hostage to the whim of Iran. Israel is the excuse, which you so raised again.

    I'm not sure it's worth asking you this: Do you really think Israel threatens Lebanon or Lebanese? You might be convinced of that because you are blinded by hate, but had you thought about it rationally - you might not.

    There are many exiled Lebanese around the world, most who are not Shiite are also Pro-Israeli and the ones I have met said so proudly. All have been disappointed that Israel had withdrawn, had abandoned its allies, and had not fought the Syrians off the land. Off course - Israel takes care of it's own interests and is continuously under international pressure.

    Golden - you blame Israel for Lebanon's destruction - regardless of who you are - you obviously feel deeply for the well being of Lebanese. How can you seriously not see who is to blame for what happened in 2006? Israel was there for almost 20 ungrateful years, helped and financed the southern economy including Shiites. Who destroyed? Who made rocket launchers out of civilian homes?

    Should not be there in the first place? Talk to the Romans who tried to root it out and failed. The Mamlooks, the Turkish, the Arabs ... all the conquerers who tried to remove the Jews from that land. And failed. Jews were there from the days of the Bible, and will live there forever. Deal with it you anti-semite.

  5. ShawarmaMayor

    Just popping in to thank you for the blogroll link to Scarlett Crusader. I have returned the favor. You have a fantastic blog keep up the great work.

    Oh and great comebacks. ;)

    Have a great weekend,
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