Thursday, May 08, 2008

What kind of non-sense do Times-Online put to caption pictures of Israel's 60?

From the slideshow, picture 5 of 9:
The anniversary was also plagued by uncertainty over prospects for peace with the Palestinians (AP)

(click to enter article, then click on the slide-show)

More non-relevance between images and captions:
Celebrations have been marred by a criminal inquiry into Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, facing corruption allegations

The cream of the propaganda:
While Israelis celebrated, Palestinians, barred from entering the country during the holiday, mourned the anniversary of what they know as the Nakba - the catastrophe (AP)

Propaganda peak not reached yet:
Some 760,000 Palestinians were forced into exile following the birth of Israel, and today some 4.5 million refugees and their descendants remain scattered across the Middle East

I won't bother you with pictures 8 and 9 and the propaganda there... Go see for your self. It appears times-online mourns the creation of Israel. I mourn the moment I clicked on their propaganda slide show.

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