Monday, May 19, 2008

Puffington marks her enemies

I'll start by asking: Why in the world even discuss what that lying loony lefty has to say?

My answer to that is simple. Her website gets lots of traffic, lots of publicity due to a bulk of syndicated authors ranging from celebrities to high ranking politicians. Her own opinions and her readers however start where sanity stops on the left, and the insane haters begin. It is not uncommon to find pure anti-semitic propaganda on posts as well as comments. The dwellers of her website do not discuss political issues, they simply discuss how much they hate whoever disagrees with them. O'Reilly took the liberty to call her a Nazi.
On the following online interview, Arianna Huffington goes to battle:

John McCain, calling him "delusional, refuses to see the truth about Iraq. Trojan Horse."
John Stossel, calls him a lunatic (after interviewer calls him that first). But chooses to divert her hateful soft-speak against others quickly.
Sean Hannity "lunatic who hijacked and dictated ABC's questions on democratic debates."'s wrong and dangerous...

What is? Asking Obama why he won't wear the American flag pin. How dare people question Obama's patriotism... so what if he has aversion to the American flag? Right? So what?!(Unbelievable)

MSM aren't liberal enough. (Yeah, right). There's nothing wrong with hiring conservative pundits, except that all the right wing people who are hired are lying propagandists. (uhh - like Huffington?)

Who are lying propagandists? Carl Rove, Tony Snow and Bill Cristal.

She also declares intentions:
... looking for the leader in the mirror.

God help us if she ever becomes a leader of anything but her own fringe lunatic hateful website.

More pearls of wisdom:
Cheney is so soulless

About Tony Blair:
He helped lead us to war and it's hard to forgive that.

Don't watch on a full stomach.

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