Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today on Frontpage

Two very important articles are posted on FrontPageMag:

1. Defund UNRWA - discusses how UN's UNRAW employs terrorists and perpetuates lack of responsibility from Arabs in PA. It also mentions how the US is part to blame because most of the funds for UNRAW come from western countries and the US pays 3rd of the 360 million yearly budget.

2. The BBC's Birthday Present to Israel - the BBC not content with their own country demise and further slippage into Sharia espouses lies about Israel's right to exist as well as historical revisionism to portray Jews as villeins and Arabs as victims of the nearly successful war to eliminate Israel's Jews in 1948. BBC is not simply biased, tilted, skewed, it is crooked.

Here's a taste of BBC's revisionism:

Exit question: Is this the same narrator who did the infamous "make me a muslim" reality show?

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