Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bob's Lebanon blog: "WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO FEAR"


Gee Bob - I really do hope your country finds solution. I also hope you manage to march tomorrow and not to see bloodshed during that march.

I must say, it doesn't sound like there's much to keep a head high about, latest news sound definitely like a surrender. Now I know that for Arabs there's a problem to admit defeat - every failure has always been hailed as a "divine victory". Since the army allowed a terror group to take over the country, and no one will be held liable for the murders and property damage. I would say Lebanon is facing a fate unparalleled in history, were the delusional masses think there's still a democracy, a government, freedom, and everything is dictated by the real rulers - the Shiite Mafia.

I don't blame the Lebanese for surrendering, I pretty much predicted they would in a previous post. I hope for them - and for the entire region that at some point reason will prevail. Still not optimistic.

BTW: What were the UN peace keepers doing all this time?

For whom are their tanks intended?

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