Friday, May 09, 2008

Bob's blog: WAR!!!

This was written yesterday. It describes exactly how Shiites treat their "brothers" in Lebanon:
Bob's blog: WAR!!!

I don't want to be misunderstood - I feel sad and sorry for Lebanon and wish them to find a resolution that will provide safety and prosperity. I also wish them and the rest of the Arab world to awake from delusional maniacal hate and to establish peace with Israel which includes disarming of terror groups like Hezbollah, Hamas etc.

If there's something these days prove - it is that all terror groups use the antisemitism and hate of the common people to mobilize self interest and ambitions for control.

If the Arab world does not awaken to that threat - it will face the same fate as Gazans, Lebanese, Iraqis and Iranians face.

I'm always hopeful, but not too optimistic.

More about treatment of non-Shiites here: gatewaypundit.

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