Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy 60 - Israel. Am Yisrael Chai

A joyous day indeed. Despite 8 years of terror war against Jews in Israel, thousands went out and celebrated the "traditional" way - BBQ, called in Israel "Mangal" (from turkish).

I don't know who the people in the pictures are... Still, that's how I remember all the picnics at the parks in Israel as. Every corner taken, and lot's of yummy smoke.

Some couldn't celebrate, Arabs rioted. Presumably the excuse is for the fable they keep promoting of a "Naqba", history tells us - they riot regardless. They rioted regardless on 1927, 1936. They rioted in 2000 in coordination with the terror war of their brothers from Ramallah. Other excuses to riot: day of land (Jews took our land... didn't pay enough), cell phone towers, blood vengeance, a mosque is in so called danger, rumors, Al-Jazeera lies.

When celebrated at JCC in Ann Arbor earlier this week - some douche bags did arrive and tried to stir commotion. Those Jew haters (some of them might be Jews - so what) - come every year, not sure if I want to show their pictures this year, should they get any attention? I'm not sure what they wanted - media attention (didn't get) - or to harass. Considering that this year they hid behind their signs again when my wife took pictures - like last year, I guess they just wanted to harass and yell at our kids. Scum.

To all - wave the flag proudly - unabashedly - and say:

Yom Atsmaut Sameah.

The Arab Israeli site ALARAB has pictures from the anti-Israel event, and riots. They apparently threw rocks at cars, Arab's cars as well. Set fire, and high ranking Police officials were injured.

Most ammusing is the picture of the Che-Gevara flag in that demonstration:

Notice how they don't march for the usual lies of "right of return" or "end to apartheid". They march to eliminate Israel as a Jewish state, that's why they carry those flags, including Hezbollah flags, that's why they are chanting anti-Jewish remarks at the Jewish protesters opposite to them.

Where are the Arab protesters for co-existence? Reconciliation? Freedom unparalleled in the Arab world? They protest in favor of PLO - while the PLO is taken out of the equation by Hamas elsewhere. I doubt those activists want to try to protest under Hamas rule.

Here's a member of Parliament, cuddly Arab communist who hugs murderers of Jews, on the site - one of the instigators of the riot:

Here's a dude looking for some media attention, the guy next to him is searching for camera-men:

He found it. But what's the dude on the floor's beef anyways?

Nice pillow, did you bring it with you so you could act injured but still lay comfortably? "Spontaneous riots", right.

Here's an image from YNet. Cuddly communist who hugs murderers of Jews participates calmly in political debate (or not):

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