Monday, May 19, 2008

Al-Dura blood libel: Shouldn't Israel Stop Giving Free Medical Aid to Palestinians?

Here's a video I just found on the web, was probably broadcast in Israel a few months ago:

As it is clearly evident, Frace 2 and their Hamas friends used a person who was medically treated with compassion by Israel - to incite against Israel and the Jews in another twist in the Al-Dura blood libel.

As the ball keeps rolling, it is unimaginable how obvious this hoax was and how it was accepted uncritically by so many. This evidence should have raised enough eye brows even back then - two days after the supposed staged murder - the injured father shows scars which have already healed, which were not done by bullets. Which Israel's medical records would have shown right there and then as scars from a surgery done to save the man from the ax beatings he had suffered by his fellow Palestinians.

Alas - Israel will continue to heal the "enemy". Of course a child is no enemy. But his relatives are thankless at best, or as the Al-Dura case proves - will take every opportunity to "thank" Israel in their own special way.

To answer my own provocative question: NO! Israel should not stop providing medical aid to those who suffer. All reason and logic aside, a doctor, any doctor should not sit idly while a child suffers. For that matter - anyone who suffers and Israel does great efforts to do good in this world, even save lives of Iraqis.

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