Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goatman Nasrallah says "Success" in Gaza and Lebanon

Let's first recount the success of Gaza, Venice of the middle east from last year:

And now let's look to Lebanon. So he claims "Success" does he?

Gee, I wonder why the magnificent goatman is still hiding in his hole in the ground that his Iranian friends built for him.

Shall we measure thy success goatman? I mean, it takes some balls to make such statements after an abysmal defeat by all measures of casualties of war, land protected/ acquired, goals reached - except not loosing one precious head. A goat's head.

Now why on earth would such a success produce such a diaspora of Lebanese Shiites across the world? From Dearborn to the no-man's land of south America, Lebanese exiles still look up to their "victorious goat leader" to lead them to further success such as the butchery of Jews in Argentina. Success - only in murdering human beings senselessly.

May the goatman succeed in his quest to turn his hometown to a 3rd Venice - just like in Gaza.

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