Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Israeli Survivor

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My question: How come there are so many UN subgroups devoted to take care of Muslims, and none to their victims? Could it be because the UN is a proxy for Nazism and Islamo-fascism pretending to care for "global human rights values" and "peace", while it is nothing more than a funnel of global tax payer and especially US tax payer's money to the worst and most misguided causes?

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  2. "How come there are so many UN subgroups devoted to take care of Muslims, and none to their victims?"

    It's even deeper.

    How come there are so many groups in the U.S., U.K., etc. devoted to take care of criminals and so few to care for their victims?

    כל מי שנעשה רחמן במקום אכזרי
    סוף שנעשה אכזרי במקום רחמן

    Kol mi shena`asa rahaman bimqom akhzari
    Sof shena`asa akhzari bimqom rahaman

    All who are made to be compassionate in the place of the cruel

    In the end are made to be cruel in the place of the compassionate

    Qohelet Raba, 7:16

  3. Hi centrist. I'd differentiate between the two. Those are similar symptoms of completely different diseases. The groups working to aid criminals originate from different schools of thought, some of them believe that most criminals are victims, other have racial agenda, political or other. Some are naïve; some believe that society can correct itself and that career criminals can always be somehow rehabilitated. Most on that matter can be identified as working out of good intentions. Still those good intentions are without doubt the shortest road to hell.

    The way the UN works, and commissions its sub-committees is different in its entirety. As all probably know, the UN has been corrupted by member states and is focused against humanity, against Jews, and in favor of Muslims. I believe it is evident from all recent news to be the case.

    I’d say, a proper use of the Jewish saying for compassion towards villains would be in regards to how Israel treats violent Arabs within and outside. The amount of restraint and forgiveness given to fifth columnar and unabashed enemies is without a doubt setting the stage for cruelness towards Israeli Jews.