Monday, May 12, 2008

A snapshot of world news

World - AFP on Yahoo

Here are the headlines on that page - which changes dynamically every minute - I put it through my perspective:

In a critical period of Human history, when a cyclone kills thousands in Myanmar, and an earthquake kills thousands more in China, when world famine is supposedly the top priority of the UN requiring the US to divert more tax money... That's while the US has its full share of natural disasters on a yearly basis - including 22 dead in a tornado yesterday.
Global warming? Spring's almost over - summers almost in, it's still cold and cloudy in Michigan.

This is the time when Hezbollah revolts and selectively murders non Shiites in the streets of Lebanon. no one really tries to disarm Hezbollah - but the diplomats keep talking non-sense and keep with their condemnations without actions:
Arab League tries to broker Lebanon settlement .

This is the time when Arabs in Gaza are engaged in their daily routine of trying to murder Jews across the border. Today they succeeded and killed a 70 year old woman, yesterday a 40-something farmer, father of 4. Go ahead UN and UNRAW - keep feeding them for free - the world's least deserving nation.

All things considered, international pressure on Israel continues with calls for restraint and withdrawals:
Rice: Israel, Palestinians need to show progress
Egyptian intelligence chief in Israel for talks - Israelis are told "Accept our fake, swiss cheese truce - or else".

These are today's world news. They are as despicable as yesterday's.

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