Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nasrallah contradicts, lies out right, and threatens everyone in Lebanon who is not Shea

I'm reading the English transcript of the mad-goat's speech.

First, let's go back to CNN's imaginary reporting of labor workers striking over low wages. Today's goat-man's speech shows how off base and completely falsified their reporting about the Middle East is. The goat-man mentions several reasons for his "protest" (as he calls it, taking hostages at the airport is not a protest - it's terror) - non of which has social connotations. Shame on CNN. Again. Can anything be expected from that network as far as reporting the news? CFN - cable fables network would be a better description.

Goat says:
I said, before Jumblatt, that any hand that reaches for the resistance and its arms will be cut off...We do not advise you to try us.

followed later by:
Whoever is going to target us will be targeted by us. Whoever is going to shoot at us will be shot by us.

Who fired at you? Not the UN, NATO, nor the Lebanese military which is infiltrated by Hezbollah's terrorists have fired one shot at Shea militia. Who shot first yesterday? Who rioted at Christian neighborhoods? Did anyone riot in Shea's?
A gang leader - pure and simple - threatens "Mafia style" on whoever tries to reach for his gun. A threat to Jumblatt - is a threat to the Druze community.

He later says:
There will be no Sunni-Shea strife in Lebanon.

So Christians and Druze are fair game?! What a maniacal monster. Obviously that's an empty lie, because there is a strife with Sunnis. There are assisinations. There are weapons involved. But the message is clear - we're coming for the non-Muslim infidels first.

...Who pushed the country into this crisis? They did. We are patient. We were fought, and we were patient.
When they made their decisions, they created the current crisis. We are in a new phase. Am I declaring war? Not at all. I am declaring oppression and self-defense.

The cries of a spoiled violent child. When caught beating other kids, claims he's the victim. Victim-hood is their often trumped up excuse. He isn't declaring war - he's just committing it... again... and again...

He finishes with:
If we wanted to stage a coup, you would have woken up this morning in prison, or in the middle of the sea. We do not want that. It is a political issue, with a political solution through early elections.

To exit this crisis, the illegitimate government's decisions must be revoked and we must head for dialogue.

That is not a call for calm - that is a threat for any non-Shea leader. When we start the revolution, you will be in prison and or in the bottom of the sea. We can do it now, but choose to blackmail you to quit and hand over the government.

No word on what will happen after such surrender.

Several mentions of Israel, Mussad, CIA and Condoleezza Rice - are thrown in for propaganda purposes - to persuade the non-Lebanese listeners that this is somehow not about the Shea revolution.

Also, consider this: Hezbollah is banking on the situation being under their control and not declaring a "civil war", because a war requires two sides. Having control over the only remaining militia of the previous civil war, and having infiltrated high ranking positions in the official military - they don't fear such a war. They are confident in their ability to blackmail without resistance. Christian and Druze are the least threatening to him, since they have no allies outside of Lebanon while Sunnis are backed by the majority of the Arab world.

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