Tuesday, June 08, 2010

While world still condemns Israel and puts pressure: Hamas still holding Gilad Shalit without Red-Cross access

The dictionary isn't thick enough to describe the world stance regarding Israel, Gaza, Turkey and the whole brouhaha. Hypocrisy? Chutzpa? There isn't a word strong enough.

I myself am opposed to release of terrorists in exchange for one person. In addition, I'm opposed to any relaxation of blockade, and to any cargo going through Israel to Gaza including the millions of dollars and Shekels in currency delivered daily.

Hamas has managed to not only fool the world, but fool Israelis too - as it continues it's terror campaign, while Israel feeds it. Gaza is booming, and Israel is still condemned and vilified in every forum.

All along, a person, a human being is being held by the worst creatures on this earth. Abused, and without any voice.

And still, the supposed ally and friend of Israel is pressuring it to concede further diplomatic points to its foes. Americans support Israel, the current American regime is hostile.

Meanwhile, it seems Israel has given up on ties with Turkey. To my understanding, the current strategy is 'ignore and contain'.

Tomorrow Obama is expected to host Israel's 'peace partner' - one can only assume he won't receive the 'I'm going to dinner with Michele - screw you, wait for me here' treatment he gave Bibi.

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  1. It's about time Israel cuts ties with Turkey. Turkey is no ally of Israel. A false-friend at best. Just wondering if I can still enjoy my kosher Turkish delight candies?.