Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'Son of Hamas' wins US asylum

Hero. Listen to what this person has to say, it takes courage to go against your family in order to save lives.

'Son of Hamas' granted US asylum
The son of a founder of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas is to be granted asylum in the US, a judge has ruled.

Mosab Hassan Yousef said he became a spy for Israel's intelligence service and converted to Christianity before moving to California in 2007.

He went public earlier this year when he published his memoir called Son of Hamas.

Mr Yousef argued he would be killed if he was deported to the Palestinian territories.

Judge Rico Bartolomei ruled that Mr Yousef will be allowed to remain in the US pending a routine background check, Associated Press news agency said.

The ruling came after the US government dropped its objections to Mosab Hassan Yousef's asylum request, which was initially rejected last year.

Why did Obama's admin object to fugitive status for terror-fighting hero seeking asylum from Hamas?! Kagan?

Also, I've read somewhere, but too lazy to google the link, that an Israeli Musad agent revealed himself in order to prove Yousef's case.

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