Thursday, June 24, 2010

Of course Democrat/ KKK leader/ Senator(!) Byrd doesn't sign letter of support for Israel

On zip: 85 of 100 Senators Sign Letter to Obama Defending Israel…

Commenters were wondering who didn't sign. Larry answers:
I checked those who signed against the official current senate web list

87 senators signed the letter.


1. Akaka, Daniel K. – (D – HI)
2. Bingaman, Jeff – (D – NM)
3. Bunning, Jim – (R – KY)
4. Byrd, Robert C. – (D – WV)
5. Dodd, Christopher J. – (D – CT)
6. Gregg, Judd – (R – NH)
7. Harkin, Tom – (D – IA)
8. Kerry, John F. – (D – MA)
9. Leahy, Patrick J. – (D – VT)
10 Merkley, Jeff – (D – OR)
11. Sanders, Bernard – (I – VT)
12. Udall, Tom – (D – NM)
13. Wyden, Ron – (D – OR)

D’s/I’s outnumber R’s 11-2. That’s no accident, and 9-11 Infidel is absolutely correct: if some of these Dem’s weren’t facing re-election or serious embarrassment, they’d be on the list of MIA’s, too.

Shame on the two Repub’s on the list.

One correction:

13. Wyden, Ron – (D – OR)
DID SIGN the letter.

13. Should be Webb, Jim – (D – VA)
He did NOT sign!

I was guessing yesterday who were those that didn't sign, realizing that although I'm a news addict, and a very political person, I don't know by name all senators. Both my wife and I agreed though - there's no way KKK-Byrd signed a letter in support of Israel.

A small surprise here is Dodd. I guess that now that Dodd is disgraced and a lame duck - he's no longer ashamed of showing his true views. Other eye brow raisers: Patrick Leahy and Judd Gregg. Vermont's loon is absolutely no surprise and I guessed he'd be there too.

Jews who vote democrats should continue asking themselves, why are they voting for a party which has a KKK leader represent them in the Senate.


Oh, did I say Barbaric? Nope - Byrd said. Comedy hour with a soon to hopefully finally give his last breath, KKK leader Byrd:

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