Thursday, June 17, 2010

ADL cancels meet with Turks, says 'useless', calls Erdogan Anti-Semite

Sometimes the ADL makes a really strong point:

“I believe in dialogue and meetings but there is a point at which it becomes useless to have a conversation,” ADL National Director Abraham Foxman told Haaretz on Wednesday.

“You can disagree with Israeli government and its policies but why should you cancel visit of Turkish teachers and scholars to Yad Vashem [Israel’s national Holocaust memorial]? I read that the prime minister of Turkey compared the Star of David to a swastika - it’s ugly and anti-Semitic, it’s what our enemies did. So ‘yesh gvul [there’s a limit].”

Read the whole thing, including support for Israel by congress Democrats:
U.S. Jewish groups skip meet with Turkish officials

Bi-Partisan support for Israel in the US congress is indeed a blessing. It's comforting to know that reason prevails while the rest of the world has gone insane.

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