Friday, June 04, 2010

My Bias

I'm biased to believe the following in the future. Sure I have proof right now to show it's true in the present, but in the future - I will be likely to believe it without checking, and as such I'm biased in the following beliefs:

* The international Media is biased

* Europe is mainly anti-semitic

* Turkey supports Hamas and other terrorists

* Arabs are violent and wish to murder infidels

* Muslims are supremacist and wish to impose their ideology on others

* Left wing politicians have hidden agenda and no moral principals

* An Arab wearing a coat on a warm sunny day entering a restaurant wants to murder people

* Communism is evil and anti-human

* The Obama admin is littered with Communists and Anti-Semites

* Many left wing politicians in the USA are atheists pretending to be religious.

* The UN has no function but to bash Israel and consume American tax payer funds

I'm too lazy to google it - but for each line there's a current relevant news story from the last week. I'm looking forward to the day where my current bias will be proven wrong. That'll be a good day for humanity.

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