Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WaPo columnist: Hamas is a threat to the Palestinian cause

Hamas gets no love in the WaPo. What is a genocidal islamo-fascist group to do...

Hamas is a threat to the Palestinian cause
It's a pity that Israel, while substantially loosening its grip on Gaza, will continue to enforce a blockade when, with just a little imagination, it could insist on a deal with the activists once again steaming its way: You can proceed to Gaza if, once you get there, you demand that Hamas cease the persecution of women, institute freedom of religion, halt the continuing rocketing of Israel, release an Israeli hostage, ban torture and rescind an official charter that could have made soothing bedtime reading for Adolf Hitler. This may take some time.

In fact, these demands would never be met. Gaza is a mean and brutal place with a totalitarian government steeped in a cult of violence and death. This hardly means that the government does not have a measure of popular support and did not, as some of the activists naively point out, come to power by democratic means. So did the Nazis.


The only cause the 'Palestinains' have is to replace the Jewish state with an Arab Islamic Sharia Caliphate. Ignoring this 'cause' and inventing a new one in the west is not going to help things.

The Israeli cause on the other hand, is to keep the murderous blood thirsty beasts away from own citizens - Jewish, Christians and Muslims. Living in security is more important than appeasing made up causes invented by enemies.

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