Wednesday, June 02, 2010

'Humanitarion peace acivists' riot in airport before deportation

Peacefully beating up Jews while screaming death to Israel.

Israelis today feel now more than ever isolated and betrayed. The fact that 65% of American public support Israel is not heard nor felt (or reported). Israelis feel under a siege of global hate. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Flotilla passengers attack immigration officers
Thirteen female European activists, arrested for their participation in the flotilla to Gaza, attacked Immigration Authority officers escorting them to the airport for their deportation, the Interior Ministry reported Wednesday.

Despite the calm that ensued following Monday's violence aboard the Turkish vessel Marmara, the Immigration Authority claims some of the activists detained in Israel have been instigating clashes with the authorities.

The ministry said the young women began to riot in the police bus conveying them to the airport. "They yelled and cursed," said an officer of the authority's Oz unit.

"They called us names and cursed Israel. When we arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport, two of them attacked me screaming, tried to push me, slap me, and scratch me. They yelled, 'free Palestine' and 'Israel is a terror state'. They only calmed down after an entire team apprehended them."

The officer said he was especially hurt by the behavior because Oz, the Prison Service, and the police had treated the flotilla activists so kindly since their arrival. "We gave them excellent, considerate, and respectful service. We took care of all of their needs," he said.

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