Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lies of Turkish ambassador to US

In the Washington Post, a letter from Turkey's ambassador to the US posts a list of demands from Israel. It also lays some accusations and untruths. Let's review these lies:
Israel owes Turkey an apology for flotilla attack
As we now know well, instead of the day ending with the delivery of humanitarian aid to ease the desperate lives of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, it began with the killing by Israel Defense Forces of nine peace activists and the wounding of about 30, all civilians.

Turkey, Israel and members of the flotilla knew very well there was a blockade and they wouldn't be let in. The day didn't start with killing of civilians, it started with lynching, abducting, beating to a pulp and urinating on Israeli commandos. The organizers of this flotilla expressed that their goal was not to deliver aid but to break the blockade.
It was an international aid convoy made up of nationals of 32 countries taking food, toys, medical equipment and similar aid to the people of Gaza, who have been deprived of these basic commodities for years
Gaza residents were not deprived any of the items found on the boat or listed in this lying paragraph.
Among the ships' 600 activists were Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Corrigan-Maguire, European lawmakers, journalists, business leaders and an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor -- hardly targets who could pose a threat to Israel's well-trained commandos.
Some of the people he listed were not on the boat, he omitted of course the well trained sworn Jihadis. The Al-Quada members from Yemen, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Jihadis from Bosnia and the Hezbollah representatives.
Because the attack took place in international waters, 72 miles off Israel's coast, it was illegal.
Not illegal by marine blockade law, as he is well aware - yet chooses tell himself and his people this lie.
. We cannot avert our eyes when the lives of our citizens -- innocents -- are lost during an illegal assault in defense of a blockade that is unfair, inhumane and unsustainable
Innocent? Watch the videos, listen to the people on the boat before and during the sail. The legality lie again, then the charge that the blockade is unfair and inhumane. What blockade in history has been more justified and fair?

Finally, demands:
Israel can start by bringing an end to its blockade on Gaza; by ending its inappropriate and disproportionate police actions toward the Palestinian civilians of that land; and by allowing a prompt, independent, impartial, credible and transparent international investigation into the incident. Moreover, Israel owes an apology to the Turkish nation.
* Suppose Israel brings an end to the blockade and in return gets bombed with WMD-s - who will stand for Israel? What defense will Israeli civilians get?
* By letting land guards down vs. the Palestinains, Israel will allow mass Murder of Jews. This demand is pretty much insane.
* International inquiries against Israel are anything but fair - those are tools of demonetization perpetrated by enemies. This is diplomatic suicide.
* Apology is a simple thing, these are words. Words are empty. If Israel will accommodate terms 1 to 3 it will cease to exist. The 4th one is just to kick a man when he's down. Turkey owes Israel an apology for setting it up, and then playing it for all they can get. This is not how a friendly nation behaves.

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