Thursday, June 10, 2010

Antisemtic Face of American Left Revealed

It doesn't take much to figure out who the anti-Semites are. Those who came out in support of Helen Thomas. There are degrees to this disease here and I'll sort them as:

* Murderously Deranged - support Helen Thomas because believe Jews should go back to Auschwitz

* Misinformed yet deranged - support ethnic cleansing of Jews in Israel 'because they belong in Poland'. Believes the statement does not mean genocide somehow.

* Historic facts gymnastics - people who take this opportunity to attack Israel on half truths and lies regarding history proclaiming there's occupation.

* People who manage to read the bible and not connect Jews to Israel

* People who agree with Thomas, are ashamed to say so, so find other excuses to continue glorifying her.

You be the judge where you place the following loons with their relevant statements:

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Keith Olbermann, NBC people, CBC reporters, CNN on air persona-s, MSNBC morons, Huffington Post writers, Detroit Free Press columnists - and of course, not lefties but generally proud anti-Semites: Hezbollah, Arab press.

Lefties coming out of the shadows and are exposing themselves as anti-Semtic, thanks to freedom of speech we can point them out and make relevant decisions.

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