Tuesday, June 01, 2010

2010: Turkey sends 100 al Quada terrorists to attack IDF troops, world condemns Israel, US prez backs disarming Israel

What a difference 9 years make.

Sources in Israel say about a 100 of 'aid boats' were sworn Al-Quadea trained terrorists. The source which claims this right now is shady, so I won't link to it. Instead, here's a milder version, including relevant international outrage. This world has gone insane - and Israel is standing alone against the Jihadis. Turkey picked sides with Al-Quadea and allowed undocumented terrorists to sail the seas. Now who's backing piracy here?

* Probe reveals flotilla lynchers have ties to Global Jihad
* Turkish FM likens flotilla raid to 9/11 (oh the irony, it is their 9/11 - they sent the Jihadis!)
* NATO calls for probe into raid
* UN Security Council condemns Israel
* Report: Obama Administration Has Been Working For Months on Plan to Force Israel to Give Up Its Nukes (May 6th !!! No one paid attention)
* Obama Backs UN Resolution Singling Out Israel for its Nuclear Weapons, “An Unprecedented, Resounding Slap Around the Face”… (Check mate by 'ally')

But sure - Israel should trust USA and world community and sign 'peace treaties' with no real guaranties while the other side continues Jihad. This should end well.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the Obama admin is relived to have not met Netanyahu, it would have embarrassed him.

Many Americans feel it is Obama who is embarrassing the nation.

One very last point: It appears that this is the first time Al Quada manages to strike a blow on Israel. Thanks Obama and Turkey.

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