Friday, June 04, 2010

Nazi 'conservative' Buchanan gets a voice on conservative sites-lambastes left for being too pro-Israel

Flabbergasted. Dumbfound. Not with the scrotum produced content he writes, which is as always irrelevant, or his persona which is disgraced. But with the ongoing sham of him being prodded as a conservative on sites seeking any respect.

Schlussel: Pat HAMAS Buchanan: Qaeda Attacks on US Justified b/c of Israel

There's conservatism, there's the GOP, and then there's this Nazi. Last time I saw him on Foxnews I think was on O'Reilly. O'Reilly - I gave him a compliment in a post this morning, but I've never been light in my criticism of Foxnews keep inviting anti-Semites and trying to converse with them around the issue - as to not let them reveal their nature. Be it guests from CAIR, or former CIA Bin-Laden unit - all anti-Semitic loons, get a stage without any relevant proper background.

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